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Navajo Reservation Sign


Sign reading "Entering Navajo Reservation U.S. Dept. Interior"

Lacrosse Helmet

The helmet was previously owned by Miles Thompson, an alumnus of Albany University Men's Lacrosse. Thompson is a member of the Onondaga Nation.

1975 Festival of American Folklife - Lacrosse Game


Native Americans play lacrosse in front of a crowd of observers at the Bicentennial of the American Revolution Festival of American Folklife, 1975.…



A photo from 1959 of a Lacrosse exhibit in the Museum of Natural History. Inside are two lacrosse sticks, each with a unique design and function.

Ball rackets. Shinny ball and stick.


Pictured are three different types of lacrosse sticks. Two resemble an earlier version of modern lacrosse sticks; one resembles a field hockey stick.…